Month: May 2020

Carly Fiorina’s journey from secretary to CEO

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Carly Fiorina now spends most of her time on her philanthropy work The BBC’s weekly The Boss series profiles different business leaders from around the world. This week we speak to Carly Fiorina, US business leader, political figure and philanthropist. It should give hope to any young person striving to reach the top, knowing… Read more →

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Work in crisis: Furlough benefits not for everyone

Image copyright Getty Images Support for self-employed workers has worked less well than furlough for employees. The two looked similar, but were designed very differently Many have fallen through the cracks in support, but for some, it’s a £13,250 windfall they didn’t need The crisis and big changes to the way we work coincide with reforms already under way, that… Read more →

Amazon UK website defaced with racist abuse

Image copyright Getty Images Amazon has blamed a “bad actor” for racist abuse that appeared on multiple listings on its UK website. The abuse, now removed, appeared when users searched the online shop for Apple AirPods and similar products. It was unclear how long the racist language remained on the site, but it sparked outrage on Twitter and the sharing… Read more →

Trump delays ‘outdated’ G7 leaders’ summit

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Mr Trump made the comments on board Air Force One while returning to Washington from Cape Canaveral, Florida US President Donald Trump has said he will postpone this year’s G7 summit and invite leaders of other countries to participate in the talks. “I don’t feel that… it properly represents what’s going on in the world.… Read more →

Coronavirus: Renters struggle most with pandemic costs, report says

Image copyright PA Media Private renters are more likely to be struggling with payments than those who own their homes, new research by the Resolution Foundation suggests. The think tank concludes one in eight private renters have fallen behind with housing costs since the coronavirus crisis began, compared to one in 12 mortgaged home owners. Its report is based on… Read more →

Rishi Sunak wants firms to pay more, but also survive

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Chancellor Rishi Sunak will start to remove the government furlough scheme The Chancellor is attempting a delicate balancing act. Slowly withdrawing very expensive government support programmes without crashing the economy. The government is currently paying 80% of the wages of nearly 8.5 million employees and 80% of 2.3 million self employed worker’s take home… Read more →

Covid-19: Future furlough changes ‘another pressure on retailers’

Image copyright Matthew Horwood Image caption Some businesses have said tapered furloughing will be beyond their means There has been mixed reaction from the business community to future changes to the government’s furlough scheme. Chancellor Rishi Sunak has set out how employers will have to start sharing the cost of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme from August. They will have… Read more →