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Amazon’s murky world of one-star reviews

By James ClaytonNorth America technology reporter Amazon’s marketplace is being abused by independent sellers using one-star reviews to harm rivals, the BBC has been told. Newsnight spoke to a number of those affected who believe their sales have suffered as a consequence. A consumer rights champion now wants a UK watchdog to investigate further, as part of a probe into… Read more →

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World Trade Organization: How an African head could make a difference

media captionThe World Trade Organization is currently looking for a new director-general and three of the candidates are African. With three of the eight candidates to become the next leader of the World Trade Organization (WTO) coming from Africa, BBC Africa business editor Zawadi Mudibo looks at what difference having one of them at the helm would make for the… Read more →

Ex-World Bank head Robert Zoellick: ‘The world could look like 1900 again’

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionRobert Zoellick: ‘The world could look more like the world of 1900… and that didn’t turn out so well’ The former head of the World Bank has warned the world could look like it did in 1900 if countries don’t work together to tackle the current crisis. Robert Zoellick pointed to the… Read more →

Rugby League World Cup 2021 in England aims for high impact

Image copyright Chris Hyde/Getty Images Next year’s sporting calendar is shaping up to be a crowded one, with the staging of the delayed 2020 Olympic Games and European football championships, but one major event being held in England believes it can cut through the clutter. Organisers of the 2021 Rugby League World Cup believe their tournament is unique – with… Read more →

Coronavirus: What the world tourism crisis means for Welsh wool

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The wool of hill sheep is well-suited to carpets, which are normally in much higher demand on cruise ships and in big hotels The global coronavirus pandemic has contributed to a “disastrous” fall in demand for the fleeces of mountain sheep, according to British Wool. Thanks to a hill-dwelling lifestyle, Welsh sheep have a… Read more →

Coronavirus: Young people ‘face trap of world without work’

Image caption The study warns that the youth unemployment rate could spike in the autumn The economic damage of the coronavirus crisis will hit young workers hardest, an Ulster University study has suggested. It estimated that youth (ages 16-24) unemployment in Northern Ireland could jump from 8% to 26% in 2020. That compares to an estimated unemployment rate of about… Read more →