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Coronavirus: What the world tourism crisis means for Welsh wool

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The wool of hill sheep is well-suited to carpets, which are normally in much higher demand on cruise ships and in big hotels The global coronavirus pandemic has contributed to a “disastrous” fall in demand for the fleeces of mountain sheep, according to British Wool. Thanks to a hill-dwelling lifestyle, Welsh sheep have a… Read more →

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Coronavirus: Sheep wool ‘barely worth selling any more’

Image copyright Rachel Atkinson Image caption Rachel Atkinson “I started my company because my dad received approximately 3p per fleece for his Hebridean wool and I thought, ‘We must be able to do better than that,’” says shepherd’s daughter Rachel Atkinson. Rachel manufactures woollen products, but her firm is struggling. Wool’s popularity has been in decline since the 1950s –… Read more →