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Coronavirus lockdown vs fear: What’s delaying economic recovery?

Image copyright Getty Images The coronavirus outbreak has been followed by a massive decline in economic activity in many countries, often blamed on the lockdowns aimed at stopping the spread of the disease and limiting the deaths it causes. In fact, there are two forces at play. Government rules being one, and voluntary action taken by individuals and businesses is… Read more →

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Coronavirus: Glynneath rallies round in lockdown but what’s next?

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionTom Davies’s hairdressing business is one of those affected by lockdown There aren’t many more typical towns in south Wales than Glynneath. The former mining community has its industrial heritage, and is just a short drive away from the Brecon Beacons and picturesque waterfalls. It can even count entertainers Ruth Madoc and… Read more →

After coronavirus, what’s Left? – BBC News

Image copyright Getty Images The battle has begun for the post-Covid legacy, deciding what’s going to change. The left and progressives are first to engage. Think tanks are on manoeuvres. A new publication from the Common Weal campaign group draws together progressive themes, with some tensions between the global and local. With politics and economics in flux, Holyrood party manifestos… Read more →

Russia in Africa: What’s behind Moscow’s push into the continent?

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Military transport helicopters are some of the equipment supplied The Russian private military contractor Wagner has hundreds of mercenaries on the ground in Libya, according to a leaked UN report. The mercenary group is believed to be operating across the African continent and to have strong links to senior officials in Moscow. So just… Read more →