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US China tariffs ‘inconsistent’ with trade rules says WTO

Image copyright Getty Images The World Trade Organization has ruled that tariffs the US imposed on Chinese goods in 2018, triggering a trade war, were “inconsistent” with international trade rules. The WTO said the US did not provide evidence that its claims of China’s unfair technology theft and state aid justified the border taxes. Chinese officials welcomed the ruling. But… Read more →

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US backs off Canadian aluminium tariffs

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The US may reimpose tariffs on Canadian aluminium The US is dropping plans for a 10% tariff on certain types of Canadian aluminium that President Donald Trump announced just last month. The US said it was backing off after determining that imports were likely to decline after an earlier surge. If the shipments do… Read more →

US wins end of EU lobster tariffs in mini trade deal

Image copyright Reuters The European Union has agreed to eliminate tariffs on US lobster, a key priority of President Donald Trump. In exchange, the US will halve import taxes on some $160m (£122m) worth of European goods, including cigarette lighters and certain crystal glassware. The agreement is the first tariff reduction the two economic heavyweights have agreed in more than… Read more →