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Rishi Sunak: The ‘whatever it takes’ chancellor

Image caption Rishi Sunak rolled up his sleeves to encourage the British public to eat out again He’s been dubbed “Dishy Rishi”, “Britain’s economic Jedi” and “Santa Claus in hazmat” in recent months, but most often he is referred to as a “possible future prime minister”. Rishi Sunak’s star has been rising steadily since he became chancellor in February. Within… Read more →

Citizens advice takes redundancy call every two minutes

Image copyright Getty Images Citizens Advice says it is now receiving calls seeking redundancy advice once every two minutes. Its benefits advice web pages are also receiving record-breaking traffic – 4.4 million views since 23 March. The charity says the surge in calls is indicative of an “escalating employment crisis” in the UK. Citizens Advice is calling on the government… Read more →

US-China trade war takes toll on their global competitiveness

Image copyright Getty Images The world’s two biggest economies have become less competitive due to their ongoing trade war, which seems to have no short-term resolution in sight. Both China and the US have slipped down the World Competitiveness Rankings for this year. Smaller economies including Singapore, Denmark and Switzerland top the list. The Institute for Management Development (IMD) survey… Read more →

Coronavirus: Retail sales plummet as pandemic takes hold

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Scotland’s major shopping streets have been eerily quiet during lockdown Scotland’s high streets took a massive hit last month as the full effects of the coronavirus pandemic took hold, according to a regular survey. Total sales plummeted year-on-year by 40.3% – the biggest fall recorded since the SRC-KPMG retail sales monitor began in January… Read more →