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Can summer survive America’s coronavirus spike?

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Sarah Sherman says the spiking cases elsewhere risk ruining the summer holiday season America’s first coronavirus surge nearly wiped out the summer season on Cape Cod, one of the most popular summer destinations in the US. Now there is talk about a second wave – will this imperil the vacation spot’s escape? When the… Read more →

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Coronavirus: B&Bs struggle to survive due to ‘lack of support’

Image copyright Getty Images Many bed and breakfast providers are struggling to survive as they have not been able to apply for Stormont’s Covid-19 support schemes, according to the Northern Ireland Tourism Alliance. Chief Executive Joanne Stuart said some are “existing on savings or having to look at loans”. Pauline Mendez, who runs a B&B in Bangor, told BBC News… Read more →

Rishi Sunak wants firms to pay more, but also survive

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Chancellor Rishi Sunak will start to remove the government furlough scheme The Chancellor is attempting a delicate balancing act. Slowly withdrawing very expensive government support programmes without crashing the economy. The government is currently paying 80% of the wages of nearly 8.5 million employees and 80% of 2.3 million self employed worker’s take home… Read more →