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Study of Orkney economy sheds light on island prosperity

Douglas FraserBusiness/economy editor, Scotland image copyrightGetty Images image captionPeople living in Orkney tend to work flexibly As northern isles rattle the independence cage, a study of Orkney’s economy sheds light on the distinctive nature of island prosperity, and points to some of the challenges small island groups might face. Orkney has strengths in renewable energy and tourism, but it points… Read more →

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Environmentalists criticise funding for NI drilling study

Image copyright PA Media Image caption Fracking is a process to force gas out of shale rock by injecting water and chemicals into it under pressure Environmentalists have criticised a Northern Ireland Executive department for making £75,000 available to fund a consultants’ report on the pros and cons of petroleum exploration. This includes the controversial practice of fracking. The Economy… Read more →

Coronavirus: Lost school time ‘will hurt economy for 65 years’ – study

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The disruption to schools could cause economic harm for decades, say researchers The school time lost because of the pandemic could harm the UK economy for the next 65 years, research published by the Royal Society suggests. The study says the disruption to lessons will have a negative impact on the future skills of… Read more →