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Cladding red tape ‘stops people selling homes’

Image copyright Getty Images Young and vulnerable people are stuck with homes they can’t sell because of red tape around cladding, a leaseholders’ charity says. Many high-street lenders ask for an EWS1 form as proof that cladding is safe but leaseholders say they are struggling to get hold of the form. The Leasehold Knowledge Partnership says cladding problems have blocked… Read more →

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Coronavirus: Sheep wool ‘barely worth selling any more’

Image copyright Rachel Atkinson Image caption Rachel Atkinson “I started my company because my dad received approximately 3p per fleece for his Hebridean wool and I thought, ‘We must be able to do better than that,’” says shepherd’s daughter Rachel Atkinson. Rachel manufactures woollen products, but her firm is struggling. Wool’s popularity has been in decline since the 1950s –… Read more →

OnlyFans: ‘I started selling sexy photos online after losing my job’

Image caption Mark has resisted pressure to post explicit content on his OnlyFans page “It was through necessity, I needed an income. It wasn’t because I wanted to just get naked or post pictures of myself,” says Mark. He lost his job because of coronavirus in March and began posting semi-nude images on a subscriber-based social network. The 32-year-old had… Read more →