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Can Rishi Sunak save your job? Five things he may do

Image copyright AFP Strawberries and cream, maybe even a glass of rosé: the “summer update” has an whiff of end-of term festivities. But the Chancellor’s summer statement on Wednesday will may impact millions of livelihoods – and his own reputation. The grants, subsidies and loans deployed to shield the British economy from the shock of lockdown didn’t manage to preserve… Read more →

Coronavirus: ‘Extend furlough scheme to save Welsh tourism companies’

Image copyright Bike Park Wales Image caption The pandemic has been catastrophic for Bike Park Wales, its director says The furlough scheme must be extended beyond October to stop adventure tourism businesses “disappearing off the map” in Wales, a Conservative MP has said. Former Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb called for the UK government to provide “extra support” for the sector.… Read more →

Could you have to pay your bank to save money?

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption High street banks in countries with negative interest rates have so far been reluctant to pass them on to customers Countries are being forced to use extreme measures to keep the economy afloat amid the coronavirus crisis. Now, the Bank of England has signalled that it may take the cost of borrowing below zero.… Read more →

Coronavirus: The government guarantee that may save businesses

Image copyright PA Media Among the billions of pounds of support the government has given to help prop up businesses, one measure announced this week passed with little notice. It’s perhaps not surprising, as the words ‘trade credit insurance’ do not exactly quicken the the pulse. But in terms of keeping goods flowing through the global economy, this financial product… Read more →