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The search engine boss who wants to help us all plant trees

Image copyright Shane Thomas McMillan Image caption Christian Kroll was inspired to change the direction of his life after travelling through India The BBC’s weekly The Boss series profiles different business leaders from around the world. This week we speak to Christian Kroll, the founder and chief executive of internet search engine Ecosia. Christian Kroll wants nothing less than to… Read more →

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Coronavirus: Working group set up to protect jobs at Renfrewshire Rolls-Royce plant

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Rolls-Royce warned it could cut 700 jobs from its Renfrewshire plant based on the reduced workload The Scottish government has announced a working group will be set up with the aim of protecting jobs at a beleaguered Rolls-Royce plant. The firm said in recent weeks that 700 jobs were at risk in Renfrewshire following the… Read more →

Coronavirus: Vauxhall’s Luton plant reopens production

Image copyright PA Wire Image caption Social distancing rules and staff temperature checks have been imposed at the plant Vauxhall has reopened production at its Luton plant after the government loosened restrictions imposed to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. Managing Director Stephen Norman said 800 out of 1,600 staff returned to the factory, which produces vans, on Monday. It comes on… Read more →

Vauxhall calls for showrooms to open as plant restarts

Image copyright Reuters Image caption As Vauxhall’s Luton plant plans to restart operations, the car industry is facing an uncertain outlook Vauxhall will restart production at its Luton plant on Monday but is calling for showrooms to open to speed up the automotive sector’s recovery. Managing director Stephen Norman told BBC Newsnight that the plant, which produces vans, would start… Read more →