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Bella Thorne, OnlyFans and the battle over monetising content

Image copyright Irina Image caption Irina from Belarus is really upset that she will lose $2,000 of her monthly income due to OnlyFans’ price cap changes Actress Bella Thorne has been embroiled in a controversy over selling $200 (£149.70) nude photos on OnlyFans that were not as described. Her actions on the subscription content platform resulted in OnlyFans placing a… Read more →

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OnlyFans: ‘I started selling sexy photos online after losing my job’

Image caption Mark has resisted pressure to post explicit content on his OnlyFans page “It was through necessity, I needed an income. It wasn’t because I wanted to just get naked or post pictures of myself,” says Mark. He lost his job because of coronavirus in March and began posting semi-nude images on a subscriber-based social network. The 32-year-old had… Read more →