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Whisky sour and lockdown tumbleweed

Image copyright Getty Images When prices go up, so do sales – at least for some premium Scotch whisky exports, defying the laws of economic gravity. Diageo is not suffering too badly from US punitive tariffs, but the closure of pubs, restaurants, festivals and events has meant a big blow to its Scotch whisky exports worldwide. It moved swiftly to… Read more →

Amazon, Facebook and Apple thriving in lockdown

Image copyright Reuters The coronavirus crisis might be causing widespread economic upheaval around the world, but the world’s biggest tech firms are thriving. Amazon sales soared 40% in the three months ending June, while Apple saw a surge in purchases of its iPhones and other hardware. At Facebook, the number of people on its platforms, which include WhatsApp and Instagram,… Read more →

Coronavirus lockdown vs fear: What’s delaying economic recovery?

Image copyright Getty Images The coronavirus outbreak has been followed by a massive decline in economic activity in many countries, often blamed on the lockdowns aimed at stopping the spread of the disease and limiting the deaths it causes. In fact, there are two forces at play. Government rules being one, and voluntary action taken by individuals and businesses is… Read more →