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Wirecard: ‘It’s really bad. I’m left with nothing’

Image copyright Dawn Guilfoyle Image caption Dawn Guilfoyle worries her frozen funds will mean no hot water Dawn Guilfoyle is one of thousands who have been barred from using their cash cards because of the failure of huge German payments firm Wirecard. “It’s really bad. I’m left with nothing,” she says. “Once the gas goes off, I’ll have none for… Read more →

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After coronavirus, what’s Left? – BBC News

Image copyright Getty Images The battle has begun for the post-Covid legacy, deciding what’s going to change. The left and progressives are first to engage. Think tanks are on manoeuvres. A new publication from the Common Weal campaign group draws together progressive themes, with some tensions between the global and local. With politics and economics in flux, Holyrood party manifestos… Read more →