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Top food brands lack green packaging, says Which?

Image copyright KELLOGG Image caption Pringles are now trying out a new pack design Many top UK grocery brands have non-recyclable packaging, with crisps, chocolate and cheese products among the worst offenders, says Which? The tube containing Pringles crisps, now undergoing a redesign, was singled out as “notoriously hard to recycle” by the consumer organisation. But Cadbury and Babybel were… Read more →

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Coronavirus: B&Bs struggle to survive due to ‘lack of support’

Image copyright Getty Images Many bed and breakfast providers are struggling to survive as they have not been able to apply for Stormont’s Covid-19 support schemes, according to the Northern Ireland Tourism Alliance. Chief Executive Joanne Stuart said some are “existing on savings or having to look at loans”. Pauline Mendez, who runs a B&B in Bangor, told BBC News… Read more →