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Coronavirus: Could UK adopt German pay top-up scheme?

Image copyright EPA Image caption Mercedes and other German carmakers have used government money to subsidise wages Unlike the UK, the Germans didn’t have to invent a job support programme from scratch when the pandemic struck: they already had one oven-ready. While British companies were getting to grips with the novelty of furloughing workers at the government’s expense, their German… Read more →

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German economy suffers sharpest decline on record

Image copyright Reuters The German economy shrank at its fastest rate on record amid the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, according to new official figures. The total production of goods and services declined by 10.1% during the April-to-June period. It was the sharpest decline since German began producing quarterly growth figures in 1970. The contraction followed a smaller but still… Read more →

Volkswagen loses landmark German ‘dieselgate’ case

Image copyright Getty Images Germany’s highest civil court has ruled that Volkswagen must pay compensation to a motorist who had bought one of its diesel minivans fitted with emissions-cheating software. The ruling sets a benchmark for about 60,000 other cases in Germany. The plaintiff, Herbert Gilbert, will be partially reimbursed for his vehicle, with depreciation taken into account. VW has… Read more →

Coronavirus pushes German economy into recession

Image copyright Getty Images Germany’s economy shrank by 2.2% in the first three months of this year as the coronavirus pandemic pushed it into recession, official figures indicate. It was the biggest quarterly fall since 2009, when the country was engulfed in the global financial crisis. The figures from the Federal Statistics Office come as Germany takes its first tentative… Read more →