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Coronavirus lockdown vs fear: What’s delaying economic recovery?

Image copyright Getty Images The coronavirus outbreak has been followed by a massive decline in economic activity in many countries, often blamed on the lockdowns aimed at stopping the spread of the disease and limiting the deaths it causes. In fact, there are two forces at play. Government rules being one, and voluntary action taken by individuals and businesses is… Read more →

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US beekeepers fear for their future

Image copyright Pamela Parker Image caption The price of honey on US shelves has almost doubled over the past 10 years Skyrocketing demand for honey has meant that prices in the US have almost doubled over the past decade – so why are American beekeepers struggling to make ends meet? David Bradshaw has been a beekeeper for almost half a… Read more →

Social distancing: Fear pubs will ‘go bust’ unless rules relaxed

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionSA Brain chief executive Alistair Darby: “The industry is running out of time rapidly” Many Welsh pubs will go bust – putting thousands of jobs at risk – unless social distancing measures are relaxed, the boss of Wales’ biggest brewery has said. Pubs and bars have been closed since the start of… Read more →

Coronavirus: Universities fear fall in lucrative overseas students

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Universities are uniquely vulnerable to the pandemic Which sector of the economy do you think is being hardest hit by the coronavirus – construction, retail, transport or catering? Well, you are all wrong, and need to do some more homework. The answer is – education. Many people probably don’t even think of education as… Read more →

Dark web scammers exploit Covid-19 fear and doubt

Image copyright Getty Images “They’re exploiting the fear, uncertainty and doubt people are experiencing during the pandemic, and using the anxiety and desperation to get people to buy things or click on things they wouldn’t have otherwise,” says Morgan Wright, a former senior adviser to the US Department of State anti-terrorism assistance programme. He’s talking about the scammers and criminals… Read more →