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Coronavirus: Can London’s suburbs lead the capital’s economic recovery?

By Sam FrancisBBC News, London image copyrightGetty Images/BBC image captionDuring lockdown shoppers have traded central London for suburban high streets The UK economy has suffered its biggest slump on record and remains in recession. Central London’s world-famous shopping district sits largely empty with no prospect of returning to normal soon. But can green shoots of a recovery be seen on… Read more →

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Fed vows prolonged economic support for US

Image copyright Reuters The US central bank has pledged to continue its support for the US economy for several years, as households and businesses slowly recover from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Most Federal Reserve leaders said they expected to keep interest rates near zero for at least the next three years. Fed Chair Jerome Powell said officials did… Read more →

Will Brexit upend the coronavirus economic rebound?

Image copyright Getty Images Brexvid? Covit? Brovid? A simultaneous no-trade deal Brexit and ongoing coronavirus pandemic are now clearly possible and – however the prospect is to be described – both will have noteworthy economic consequences. In many sectors, the economic impacts of these two trade shocks could build on each other. Cabinet ministers had privately hoped in early summer… Read more →

Coronavirus: Japan suffers its biggest economic slump on record

Image copyright Getty Images The Japanese economy has shrunk at its fastest rate on record as it battles the coronavirus pandemic. The world’s third largest economy saw gross domestic product (GDP) fall by 27.8% in the April to June quarter, compared to the same period last year. Japan was already struggling with low economic growth before the crisis. The figures… Read more →

‘Raise sick pay’ to lower virus health and economic risk

Image copyright Getty Images Statutory sick pay should be increased and the furlough scheme extended on a flexible basis, new research suggests. Doing so would better manage a “crude” trade-off between lives and livelihoods as the UK economy reopens. These are two of the recommendations in a new report from the Royal Society. It says economic and health data should… Read more →

Manmohan Singh’s ‘three steps’ to stem India’s economic crisis

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Manmohan Singh is widely regarded as the architect of India’s economic reforms programme India must take three steps “immediately” to stem the damage of the coronavirus pandemic, according to its former prime minister Manmohan Singh. Dr Singh, who is widely regarded as the architect of India’s economic reforms programme, and is now a senior… Read more →

Coronavirus lockdown vs fear: What’s delaying economic recovery?

Image copyright Getty Images The coronavirus outbreak has been followed by a massive decline in economic activity in many countries, often blamed on the lockdowns aimed at stopping the spread of the disease and limiting the deaths it causes. In fact, there are two forces at play. Government rules being one, and voluntary action taken by individuals and businesses is… Read more →