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How bad are China’s economic woes?

Image copyright Getty Images While economists say China’s economic data can’t always be trusted, they now have a new dilemma – there is no data. On Friday, China said it wouldn’t be setting a target for economic growth for this year. That’s unprecedented – the Chinese government hasn’t done this since it began publishing such goals in 1990. Abandoning the… Read more →

Coronavirus: Alistair Darling warns economic impact ‘far worse than banking crisis’

Image caption Mr Darling was chancellor during the 2008 financial crisis The economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic will be “far, far worse” than the banking crisis in 2008, a former chancellor has warned. Alistair Darling said the country was already in a “very deep recession”. He predicted that unemployment would start to rise in August despite the UK government’s… Read more →

Economic crisis is going to last for months

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionThe job retention scheme to help employers and employees will run for a further four months. Furlough extension continues the habit of going beyond expectations, and at vast expense. It’ is explicit recognition that this crisis is reaching well into autumn, at least. Business lending remains sluggish, and is not being linked… Read more →

UK ‘must prioritise green economic recovery’

Image copyright Getty Images Boris Johnson needs to prioritise a green UK economic recovery following the coronavirus crisis, says bosses from leading firms. They called for polluting industries “without a proper climate plan” to be excluded from government help. Government advisors recently warned that the UK must not fall into a deeper climate crisis. Mr Johnson is expected to make… Read more →

Scotland’s economic recovery should ‘prioritise broadband over roads’

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The committee says there is an opportunity to “embed new social norms” like home-working The Scottish government’s economic recovery plan should prioritise broadband investment over roads, the Committee on Climate Change has said. The committee has written to ministers after Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham requested advice on a “green recovery” for Scotland. It suggested… Read more →