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Coronavirus: What the world tourism crisis means for Welsh wool

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The wool of hill sheep is well-suited to carpets, which are normally in much higher demand on cruise ships and in big hotels The global coronavirus pandemic has contributed to a “disastrous” fall in demand for the fleeces of mountain sheep, according to British Wool. Thanks to a hill-dwelling lifestyle, Welsh sheep have a… Read more →

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Manmohan Singh’s ‘three steps’ to stem India’s economic crisis

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Manmohan Singh is widely regarded as the architect of India’s economic reforms programme India must take three steps “immediately” to stem the damage of the coronavirus pandemic, according to its former prime minister Manmohan Singh. Dr Singh, who is widely regarded as the architect of India’s economic reforms programme, and is now a senior… Read more →

Coronavirus: Italy prosecutors to quiz PM Conte on crisis

Image copyright AFP Image caption The citizens’ group Noi Denunceremo (We Will Report) demands justice for Covid-19 victims Prosecutors in northern Italy are to question Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Friday after relatives of Covid-19 victims demanded an inquiry into alleged government negligence. The hearing will take place in Bergamo, the city near Milan worst hit by coronavirus before the… Read more →

Work in crisis: Furlough benefits not for everyone

Image copyright Getty Images Support for self-employed workers has worked less well than furlough for employees. The two looked similar, but were designed very differently Many have fallen through the cracks in support, but for some, it’s a £13,250 windfall they didn’t need The crisis and big changes to the way we work coincide with reforms already under way, that… Read more →