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Companies hope to avoid ‘catastrophic’ EU data-transfer ruling

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Austrian Max Schrems has been in a years-long battle over the transfer of his data to the US An imminent privacy ruling has the potential to cause chaos for companies which transfer data out of the EU. Legal experts are confident that a “worst-case” judgement will not be reached, but still warn of far-reaching implications.… Read more →

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Coronavirus: Archbishop Justin Welby says austerity would be catastrophic

Image copyright PA Media The Archbishop of Canterbury has warned cuts to public spending after coronavirus “would be catastrophic”. The Most Reverend Justin Welby called for politicians to be “brave and courageous” as they sought to deal with the economic and social consequences of the lockdown. In response to spiralling public debt he said “going for austerity again would be… Read more →

Coronavirus: Childcare providers face ‘catastrophic’ closures

Image copyright PA Media Nurseries and childcare providers are facing “catastrophic” closures due to the coronavirus pandemic. More than nine in 10 nurseries and day-care providers in Northern Ireland have had to shut since late March. MLAs on Stormont’s education committee were told that some may never be able to reopen. They were hearing evidence from representatives of nurseries, day-care… Read more →