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Cross-border electricity connection approved – BBC News

Image caption The project has faced a number of delays due to planning issues and court rulings Planning approval has been granted for the North-South Electricity Interconnector, Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon has announced. The project will create a 138km overhead electricity line stretching from County Tyrone to County Meath. Previous applications have been quashed by court rulings, with the decision… Read more →

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What are non-disclosure agreements? – BBC News

Image copyright EPA Image caption Sir Philip Green denies allegations of sexual harassment and racist behaviour Topshop boss Sir Philip Green has dropped his legal action against the Daily Telegraph, which prevented it publishing allegations of racist behaviour and sexual harassment. He had argued that former staff were breaking the law by breaching non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) they had signed. So… Read more →

Recovery: That sink-throwing feeling – BBC News

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption There’s an expectation that this crisis could be an opportunity to radically re-think how Scotland’s economy works The Higgins report, commissioned by the Scottish government, is ambitious not only for recovery from crisis but for sorting out pre-existing health problems for the economy. When priorities are needed, it lacks them It seeks to push… Read more →

After coronavirus, what’s Left? – BBC News

Image copyright Getty Images The battle has begun for the post-Covid legacy, deciding what’s going to change. The left and progressives are first to engage. Think tanks are on manoeuvres. A new publication from the Common Weal campaign group draws together progressive themes, with some tensions between the global and local. With politics and economics in flux, Holyrood party manifestos… Read more →

Mobilising Scotland’s ‘tech army’ – BBC News

Image copyright Getty Images Millions are working from home, in a shift that is likely to have permanent sticking power, bringing digital technology and telecoms to the fore. There are worries that smaller digital firms will fall through the cracks in government support schemes, but also opportunities to be doing more while on furlough, with a ‘tech army’. Employment intentions… Read more →