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Russia in Africa: What’s behind Moscow’s push into the continent?

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Military transport helicopters are some of the equipment supplied The Russian private military contractor Wagner has hundreds of mercenaries on the ground in Libya, according to a leaked UN report. The mercenary group is believed to be operating across the African continent and to have strong links to senior officials in Moscow. So just… Read more →

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Drones in Africa: How they could become lifesavers

Image copyright Lake Kivu Challenge Image caption Rwanda is an attractive market for drone companies Death comes fast, says Temie Giwa-Tubosun, as we sit in the scorching sunshine of Rwanda’s capital Kigali. She’s talking about post-partum haemorrhage – women bleeding after childbirth. “I’m always amazed that more attention isn’t paid to this – it’s the biggest cause of death in… Read more →