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Could a headset train your brain to relax?

Image copyright Neuropro Image caption Dr Jamil El-Imad (right) worked in the computer industry before moving into neuroscience A trip on London’s underground is rarely a relaxing experience, but the Covid-19 pandemic has added an extra level of anxiety for many. I’m off to try out a new technology that promises to train my brain to relax. Sitting far apart… Read more →

What sort of future does the conference industry have?

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Virtual reality is likely to play a bigger role in future conferences “I’m devastated,” says Mike Walker, managing director of MGN Events. The company went from generating millions of pounds in revenue to near zero in just weeks, because of lockdowns. “Over 10 years of hard work building the company up from nothing, reinvesting… Read more →

The perfume makers that can’t smell a thing

Image copyright Givauden Image caption The Carto system can store 1,500 ingredients Do you need a human to create a beautiful scent? That’s the question being asked as artificial intelligence (AI) starts to infiltrate the perfume industry. Companies are increasingly turning to technology in order to create more bestselling, unique fragrances that can be produced in just minutes. Last year,… Read more →