Bombardier to cut 2,500 jobs worldwide

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Bombardier has announced plans to reduce its global workforce by 2,500 people within its aviation division.

The manufacturer, one of Northern Ireland’s largest employers, has said the majority of the cuts will be in Canada.

The move is in response to “the challenges caused by Covid-19”.

The aerospace company said it is reviewing its Northern Ireland operations but has “no announcement to make at this time”.

Bombardier said its decision will ensure it emerges from the coronavirus crisis on a solid footing.

It employs about 3,600 people across several locations in Northern Ireland.

Operations wound down

In a statement referencing its Belfast operations, the company said: “Bombardier Aviation announced today that it would adjust its workforce to align with current market conditions reflecting the extraordinary industry interruptions and challenges caused by Covid-19.

“In light of this, we are reviewing our requirements for our Northern Ireland operations for all our aircraft programmes and will communicate any impact in due course.”

Bombardier’s Belfast operations were wound down at the peak of the pandemic, with about 50% of staff believed to be back at the factory.

The company said it expects business jet deliveries to be down 30% industry wide.

Last May, the company said it was putting its Northern Ireland operation up for sale as part of a reorganisation of the business.

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